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About Us 1Globfeeds is the world’s leading professional beauty, makeup and accessory authority because of our unrivalled expertise in the cosmetic industry. We believe that each person has some form of sensitivity to beauty products, that is why we’ve come up with products that have camel milk as the main ingredient. Camel milk is proven as one of the best ingredients to brighten aging skin. They are high in vitamin C, elastin, and lanolin and all other great ingredients that have beneficial results on the skin. Being beautiful means being able to “Shine from within”. In order to achieve a youthful glow, we believe in taking care of our skin with natural and healthy ingredients – camel milk.

“Shine from Within” 

About Us 2Globfeeds was founded because of our ton of passion in beauty, make-up and fashion, we started out as a small group of talented makeup fanatics then we’ve quickly discovered a whole universe of beauty just waiting to be unleashed.

We’ve decided to find out and discover the true magic of beauty and health care products and share them with you.

Maybe this hunger for something unique explains the passionate support that we have received over the years, as more and more people continue to trust and support us.

About Us 3Globfeeds is your global online destination that delivers some of today’s most exciting and edgy women personal beauty, health and fashion items.

For thousands of fashion-forward girls and ladies alike, we are the one-stop fashion mecca for devotees of high accessories that includes camel milk shampoos, night and day creams, beauty serum, body lotions, beauty accessories, cosmetic accessories, and many more.

On every item, you see, enjoy cutting edge retail fashion that’s ahead of the curve and at AFFORDABLE prices.