Lose Weight Faster With These 11 Fat-Burning Exercises

Lose Weight Faster With These 11 Fat-Burning Exercises

Does losing weight during this pandemic season seem impossible to you? Getting rid of those unwanted fats can be a huge challenge for many people. Sometimes it’s just hard to motivate your ownself to go to the gym or to commit ourselves to total health and fitness in order to lose weight. Good thing is that there are always fun and exciting things that you can do in order to burn those extra fats where you don’t even feel like exercising. Want to find out? Learn more by reading this lose weight faster with these 12 fat-burning exercises!

Lose Weight Faster With These 11 Fat-Burning Exercises

So how do we become healthy and get fit, while enjoying? There are so many exciting yet fat-burning exercises that we can do which in fact doesn’t even look like we are exercising. Guessing now? Continue to read on the tips that we have for you!

Playtime With Your Dogs

woman with her black dog running at the seashore

Playing with your dog is one of the greatest exercises that you can do at the convenience of your home or garden. In fact, any dog lover or dog owner can tell you that. Regular walking, jogging, or running with a  dog on a regular basis is targeting two things, you exercise your dog and yourself too! Imagine having a 15-30 minute walk with your dog at the part can burn a lot of calories, not bad right?


Biking is fun, you get to see beautiful places near or far, depends on your preferred biking location. When you bike uphill or in a forest just like what those expert bikers do, you get to bike on some challenging and action-filled roads and bike trails while you also get to breathe fresh air.

guy riding a bike

If your workplace is just near your home, biking to and fro is a great form of exercise. Bike for about 30 minutes or more and you are sure to burn hundreds of calories or even more! Just don’t forget to bring water along.


Daily walking has a lot of health benefits. Walking helps reduce the risk of heart problems and diseases like stroke. It also helps lower the high cholesterol levels in the body. If you want to have stronger bones and improved balance, daily walking for a few minutes will definitely help. Burn those extra calories by simply walking a few blocks a day or a 15-minute walk will be deemed beneficial for your overall health.

Exercise at Work

Some of you might be working in a construction company or a service provider agency or the food industry where you get to be active at all times, that’s good for you because you are using all your muscles and exercising them well. However, there are some who work in an office sitting all day in front of a computer or something where you are limited to the things that you can do in order to exercise your entire body. Sitting in front of your desk can be boring too!

But do you know that you can still exercise at work? It may not seem like those real kicking workloads like that of a construction worker but office staff can still achieve their fitness goals.

  • Do some stretching say every 30 minutes or every hour
  • Rather than typing and chatting to a colleague, try walking to her desk to exercise your feet.
  • Get some exercise balls on both hands and work it out when you are free
  • Try to use the stairs
  • Go for a walk during lunch break


dad and his son gardening

Planting fruits and vegetables require hard-work but the achievement that it provides is very fulfilling. You get to eat fresh and organic produce straight from your own garden. A healthy diet begins when you start seeing the fruits of your labor! But before all those harvesting ideas, you’ll have to do some shoveling, squatting, picking, lunging, siting, and all other movements that you need to do in order to prepare your garden for planting.

A lot of movements, but it is good for you, your body, and your inner peace because gardening can be a good form of relaxation especially when all the hard work is done and all you have to do is to wait and mend. You burn extra calories in gardening while you enjoy the beauty of being outdoors.


If you need a full-body workout that doesn’t require too much equipment or necessary tools, dancing is your best shot! It is a full-body workout because you move your entire body from head to toe. When you dance, all your body parts move. Dancing will help you lose weight while having fun because dancing is fun! Whether you dance on your own by simply watching a video at home or you have a dance studio where you attend to, this whole-body cardio workout is one of the best ways to lose weight and shed off those fats.


Hiking is one of my favorite outdoor activities together with camping and swimming. We recommend that you consider going outdoors for your next weekend getaway with friends or family members. Hiking is a great way to get fit. It is a great lower body workout and it helps improve your cardiovascular health.

There are so many benefits that we can get from hiking. Aside from being able to see beautiful and scenic spots, we also help improve our health and fitness. Hiking also helps lower our stress levels and improve our mood. Aside from that, it helps reduce risks of heart related illnesses, lower blood pressure, lower body fat, and reduce cholesterol levels.

Home Cleaning

Cleaning your home might be a little boring but trust me, with the right mo

woman performing yoga

od and the right music jive, you can get motivated to move around, fix some things, clean some stuff, or do some general cleaning which will require your entire body to move around, lift some things, move appliances and so on.

Have you been thinking or home renovation for such a long time, this might be the right time! Does the garage or attic need some deep cleaning and organizing? Or have you been planning on re-painting your kid’s rooms or the master’s bedroom but you just don’t have time? Or you might just have a lot of laundries to work on? All of these activities will require force and movement. Any form of movement using your bodily parts will help you stretch those muscles and get them to work. Instead of spending so much to hire someone to get those things done, why not start doing some DIY projects for your home?


Yoga is one of the greatest and solemn ways to stay fit. Yoga helps improve flexibility. It also helps you tone your muscles, and reduce stress or anxiety. Yoga can be performed not only in the gym or at the garden or beach but also at the comfort of your own home. All you need is some open space and a yoga mat and you are good to start. A 30 minutes yoga session with various poses coordinating all the muscle groups can be a great daily routine.


playtime with kids

Swimming is one of my favorite forms of exercise. Swimming is considered a full-body exercise that aims to target all the muscles in the human body. Not only that you get to enjoy the cool waters, either from a pool, waterfalls or at the beach, swimming at least 30 minutes can burn an extra 100 calories away! This is the reason why we go to the beach or pool often with my family, we all love the waters.

Playtime With Kids

During your free hours, playing with your kids isn’t only fun but could also be a great form of exercise. Kids are very active running around. Games like playing catch, basketball, tennis, tag, or any other game that requires movement will help reduce bodily fats.

All of these activities are a hundred percent beneficial and healthy. Just remember that after all those activities, you should also take care of your skin. Physical activities will leave your skin sticky and dry so you need to consider some skin care ideas.


After a long day of workout to stay fit, best to keep your skin nourished as well. Exfoliating is a great way to keep your skin free from blemishes. The camel milk exfoliating cream, a day peel cream removes dead skin cells and brightens dark spots. Treats fine lines and wrinkles for clear and beautiful skin. try it today!

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